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Maps for ramblers, campsites, bed & breakfast, self catering cottages and events


Ordnance survey Landranger 1:50 000 & Explore 1:25 000 series showing:

  • Tourist and heritage attractions of many types
  • Road, footpath or cycle route to a place of interest, whether it’s a sports centre or a nature reserve.


Town and street maps

A detailed street-level, backdrop map that you can customize and include data such as NHS CCG boundaries and council boroughs.

Detailed street view maps from A to Z

Full colour road map with points of interest such as golf courses, castles and country parks.



Whole of Great Britain map

A simple but great overview maps of Great Britain.


1:250 000 Scale of the UK

A more detailed than the overview, showing the regional view of towns and villages, roads and places of interest.




Planning proposals and construction with rich urban detail


Ordnance Survey VectorMap Local®

A highly-detailed, customisable, street-level map, OS shows fences, building outlines, paths, street names, watercourses, land areas and boundaries.

Available as a digital download in Vector: GML 2.12, TIFF with LZW compression (colour, backdrop colour and black & white).

Historical maps 1896 – 1904 1 inch to 1 mile

Discover the past with a reproduction of an historical Ordnance Survey map from 1896 to 1904. This Revised New Edition for England and Wales maps show contours, latitude and longitude, parish boundaries, railways, roads, waterways and woods in 1 inch to 1 mile scale.

See some 'hard to find' Victorian maps of UK cities

Aerial imagery

When you need the visual feel for a location, the aerial photography of OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer gives you the real-world view. More than 98% of our imagery is less than five years old; 66% is less than three years old. Coverage of Great Britain.


World maps from Harper Collins

Political World Map
Published in 2016 this map shows each country and their capital city, with major roads, railways, cities and towns.

Physical World Map
Capturing the majesty of mountain ranges and the vastness of the oceans, this map is ideal for anyone interested in the beauty of the natural world.

Children’s Sticker World Map
Ideal for the child that wants to get to grips with the world. The colourful world map provides a wonderful background for any bedroom.

world wall map

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