Tips on survival from Robin Bowman
  1. Remember 999 works from your mobile on ANY network. If there is reception of any kind you can use it to ring 999
  2. Don't panic and take unnecessary risks
  3. The order of survival in the UK is firstly shelter (exposure can kill you in a few hours from hypothermia if you're cold and wet). You can go a few days without water, weeks without food. But shelter and staying dry is number one priority.
  4. Always take a map and compass on any walk and know how to use them
  5. If you get lost it's often best to stay where you are , particularly if it's dark, rather than wander off looking for help and falling off a cliff

Robin Bowman: Instructor
Avid birdwatcher, mountain walker, canoeist and wild swimmer, Robin spends extended periods of time alone in wilderness areas. He has worked with a large variety of schools and organisations, and currently runs the WildWise Hunger Games programme as well as working with young prisoners for the charity Write to Freedom. In his spare time he runs a smallholding with his young family on Dartmoor, making sausages and milking goats. Robin shares his skills, knowledge and experience with passion and humour.

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